Corrective Action Committee

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Corrective Action Committee


Purpose:    To establish rules and a code of conduct for all TYF players, cheerleaders, coaches, BOD, staff, volunteers and families.

Mission: TYF was established to promote the game of football and cheerleading for families of Tewksbury. Our focus is to offer opportunities for children to learn not only about football and cheering but also about important values and lessons that participants can and will experience through TYF.    TYF promotes good citizenship for all those involved in the program both on and off our fields.    We expect all participants, coaches, BOD, volunteers and families to act in a manner that positively promotes not only our organization but also the Town of Tewksbury.



Corrective Action Committee

The role of the Corrective Action Committee (CAC) will be to make sure all participants, volunteers, coaches and BOD members implant fairly in the children of the Community the ideals of good sportsmanship, honestly, loyalty, courage and respect for authority and each other.    The corrective action committee will consist of no less than 3 and no more than 5 members of the BOD's and the Vice President of TYF will serve as the Chair of the Committee. The CAC shall have the following authority and responsibilities:

a.    Be responsible for reviewing, AYF Code of Conduct for the league each year

b.    Meet with Coaches to review the code of Conduct and behavioral expectations of all participants prior to the start of each season

c.    Be responsible for investigating and taking action, if necessary, on any report of a player, coach, member, volunteer or Board of Director conduct contrary to the Code of Conduct or objectives of the Organization

d.    Report any findings or actions taken to the Board of Directors   


The goal of TYF is to instill fairly the ideas of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority and each other.    When actions fall short of this goal or violations of the code of conduct occur that can not be adequately resolved by the Coach or Program Director the CAC will be used as a last result to investigate and issue the appropriate corrective action if necessary.

a.    Any alleged violation or concern should be immediately brought to the attention of the Coach unless it is regarding the Coach

b.    If the Coach or Program Director is unable to resolve the issue the CAC will further investigate only after approval of the President to do so.

c.    All facts and documents related to the issue will be gathered and reviewed by the CAC to determine what corrective action or recommendation  should be taken if any

d.    Any member investigated by the CAC will have the right to be presented with all facts and documents related to any investigation involving them.

e.    Any member investigated shall have the right to present any relevant facts to the CAC and can petition, in writing, for a hearing prior to any determination, recommendation or action of the CAC.

f.     The CAC will immediately inform the President of any action or recommendation taken by the CAC

g.    The CAC will present all decisions to the BOD at their next regular meeting

h.    Any member who has been handed a corrective action or recommendation by the CAC can appeal that decision by submitting a request for review to the President and the appropriate Division Representative within 48 hours of the notification by the CAC, stating their grounds for the appeal. A special meeting of the Board of Directors will be called to hear the appeal at which the subject of the discipline can petition the Board to modify or overturn the decision. A 2/3 vote of Board Members present is required to overturn or modify a decision of the CAC.

Corrective Action Committee By-Laws Draft 2-20-21.pdf
TYF Code of Conduct .docx