Frequently Asked Questions

Updated Thursday June 27, 2019 by Billy Grant.

Q - When does the season start?

  • TACKLE starts summer workouts/practices July 29th
  • CHEER starts practices August 20th
  • FLAG will have the combine/draft in early/mid August

Q - What about practices? 

  • TACKLE Practices will be held 4 nights a week during the last week of July and in August . This time is to work skill development and team play, as many have not participated before. There are strict AYF rules with regards to the amount of practice time required before any player can suit up, make contact, or participate in the season. Once school begins practice will drop down to 3 nights a week
  • CHEER Practices will be held 2 nights a week for K-4th Grade and 3 nights a week for 5th thru 8th Grade
  • FLAG Practices are typically held once a week

Q - Where are the Practices/Games to be held? 

  • Practices are held at the Livinston Street practice field
  • Home Games are played on the Ballou-Del Rossi Field, Livingston St. 

Q – What days are games played on? 

  • TACKLE and CHEER games are be played on Saturdays and Sundays (once a week)
  • FLAG games are played on Sundays (typically between 8 A.M. and 12 P.M.)

Q – How old do my kids have to be to play? 

  • TACKLE program starts at 2nd Grade
  • CHEER program starts at Kindergarten
  • FLAG Clinic starts at Kindergarten

Q - Where can I register? 

Q – If I have additional questions, who can I contact?